B-Longa Hair Growth LLLT Laser, Radio frequency (RF)

2.822,72 kr.

  • 10 laser heads for hair follicle stimulation
  • RF technology for scalp stimulation
  • Titanium coating
  • Operation by vibration and voice command
  • 15 minute timer

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I had COVID-19 in November last year and it was not just a “flu” as many people say about this disease. I went through it quite hard, even though I managed to avoid the hospital. I have never felt so weak and exhausted before, and I still feel the effects of this disease to this day.

I have had very thick and dense hair since I was a child. I’ve never had problems with them, maybe except that it’s hard to do a hairstyle on them. Hairloss was never my problem until COVID. Even after giving birth, I haven’t seen that much hair in the tub drain and I didn’t think this problem would ever affect me.

The first thing I did was cut it lengthwise and get used to the new look. At that time, I decided to radically change my hair care routine and I started testing the B-Longa hair growth laser as well. When the laser appeared in my home, I was very skeptical about the tests. I have never believed in such home-use devises.

The first effects were visible after about 1.5 to 2 months from the start of the treatment. Small “baby hair” appeared on the temples. The hair became much stronger, so it stopped snapping and … falling out. I noticed a decrease in my hair loss at the turn of July and August and you can see the difference in the photos. ”~ Zuza


Is it possible to get hair lost due to COVID-19 back? Revolutionary B-Longa laser makes your dreams of thick and healthy hair come true!

Before and after

LLLT (low level laser therapy) technology

LLLT (low level laser therapy) uses the biostimulating effect of a low power laser (0.2 W). The laser uses red light, which penetrates deeply and stimulates the scalp tissues, regenerating them.

The mechanism of biostimulation is based on changing the metabolism of hair cells, thus activating the process of hair regrowth. The treatment is painless, safe and without complications.

The effects of using LLLT therapy

When using the device, the following should be observed:

  • Improvement of hair quality
  • Reduced amount of hair loss
  • Improvement of hair thickness
  • Nourishment and improvement of the condition of damaged hair

How the LLLT therapy works?

1-3 months

In the first phase of usage, the LLLT laser stimulates the scalp cells

3-6 months

In the second phase, the weaker and smaller hair bulbs begin to rebuild

6-9 months

In the third phase, the hair follicles already have the right amount of oxygen and nutrients. New hair appears.

More than 9 months

Using a laser strengthens new hair and protects it with antioxidants.

Therapy effects

How to use


The B-Longa hair growth laser should be used according to schedule and user manual: 15 minutes treatment, 3 times a week, preferably every other day, e.g. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. It is recommended to use for the next 6 months.


The scalp should be freshly washed and the hair dry.


B-Longa should be used before applying styling products as they may obstruct the flow of laser light.


Press and hold the power button to start the device. Then press RF and Laser functions to start the treatment.


Place B-Longa at the base of the hair and move from the top of the head to the neck (by combing the hair). Repeat for 15 minutes. The automatic timer will automatically turn off the device after the treatment.


After the procedure, clean the head with a soft, slightly damp cotton cloth. Do not use strong cleaning detergents on any part of the device.


  • Our devices are not only suitable for home use, but also for professional beauty salons.
  • Our devices are made of high-quality materials, ensuring both durability and a sleek appearance.
  • Our devices are certified, ensuring their safety for your health.
  • The elegant premium box features a modern design, making it the perfect gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself.
  • Thanks to the use of the latest technology and improved components,
    our devices are several times more effective than similar-looking
  • All of the above confirms that the Beautifly brand has received the
    "Premium Beauty Amazon" badge, which is only reserved for the most exclusive and select beauty products.
Weight 246,5 g
Dimensions 245 × 57 × 58 mm



3,7V / 2200mAh


AC100-240V 50/60 Hz


DC 5V/1A



20 reviews for B-Longa Hair Growth LLLT Laser, Radio frequency (RF)

  1. B-Longa Hair Growth LLLT Laser, Radio frequency (RF) photo review
    B-Longa Hair Growth LLLT Laser, Radio frequency (RF) photo review
    B-Longa Hair Growth LLLT Laser, Radio frequency (RF) photo review
    Very well packed. This product has been a real lifesaver for me. It works out!
    B-Longa Hair Growth LLLT Laser, Radio frequency (RF) photo review

    B-Longa Hair Growth LLLT Laser, Radio frequency (RF) photo review

    The laser was recommended to me by my hairdresser, I have been using it for over a year and I am delighted with the effects of <3
    I bought this laser on the recommendation of my good friend. Ease of use 5/5
    At first I had a problem because I didn't know how I should use it. I had to read the manual several times. I couldn't unlock the skin sensor
    I like all beautifly devices, this one is my third and definitely not the last! <3
    Once I wanted to go for a laser treatment at a trichologist but the cost was definitely beyond my capabilities so I started to rummage on the Internet and it turns out that I can do such treatments myself and the effects are very comparable, I recommend to all :D
    I dont know if it accelerates hair growth but it certainly stopped their loss
    I heard about the laser from a friend, the product actually helps to stop hair loss. Shipping very fast, product at my door next day
    I had a problem with charging the device - the complaint was considered quickly and positively, after a few days I had a new product at home. :D
    I read on the hair blog that girls recommend, at first I was skeptical, but I have been using it for a year now and I see a huge difference
    Very easy to use hair laser, very solidly made, hopefully worth the price, for now the first impression is great
    Before buying, I did quite a lot of research and finally decided on a product from Beautifly - normally devices with such technology cost much more and here we have the same at a lower price. I was convinced by the parameters of the product and great contact with the company
    I suffer from alopecia areata, the laser has helped me regenerate my hair. I would recommend! :)
    Hair grows faster and are thicker. recommend
    Lots of baby hair. I look forward to further effects.
    Really worth!
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B-Longa Hair Growth LLLT Laser, Radio frequency (RF) photo review
B-Longa Hair Growth LLLT Laser, Radio frequency (RF) photo review
B-Longa Hair Growth LLLT Laser, Radio frequency (RF) photo review
Very well packed. This product has been a real lifesaver for me. It works out!

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