Needle-free mesotherapy B-Glossy Blush

737,33 kr.

Several skincare treatments in one device

  • 4 operating modes
    – Cleansing
    – Rejuvenation
    – V-type face lift
    – Care of the eye area
  • Phototherapy: red and blue light
  • Ultrasounds
  • Iontophoresis
  • Vibration massage
  • Battery powered
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The B-Glossy Blush needle-free mesotherapy device is used for deep cleansing, nourishment and intensive regeneration of fragile facial skin. It strengthens the elasticity, density and hydration of the skin, which contributes to improving the appearance of even severely damaged skin.

Advanced ultrasonic technology

The ultrasonic wave has strong power and high energy. Ultrasounds cause a thermal, physicochemical and mechanical effect. This means an increase in the permeability of cell membranes and stimulation of cell metabolism. During the therapy, there is a phenomenon in which active ingredients from cosmetic products are surrounded by transport vortices and forced into the deeper layers of the skin.

Effects of B-Glossy Blush:

  • improvement of skin firmness and elasticity
  • radiant complexion
  • reduction of wrinkles, furrows, discolorations
  • skin hydration
  • improving the absorption of cosmetics and nutrients
  1. Mechanical action: it consists in using the action of ultrasounds as a micromassage. Ultrasounds improve blood circulation and thus change the structure of cell membranes and proteins. Thanks to this, the permeability of skin tissues increases and the production of collagen and elastin intensifies, which translates perfectly into regenerative processes and regulation of the sebaceous glands.
  2. Thermal effect: ultrasounds heat the surface of the skin. They improve blood circulation and increase the amount of nutrients in skin cells. They do not feel hot because the heat is generated internally.
  3. Chemical action: ultrasounds improve the ability to catalyze, i.e. increase the speed of skin regeneration processes. Better permeability of cell membranes and improved metabolism help to significantly reduce swelling, redness and bruising on the face. With the use of appropriate active ingredients, the visibility of capillaries and erythema becomes much smaller.


Do you need deep hydration and nourishment of your skin?

Energy for the skin – modern LED technology

The multifunctionality of the device enables ultrasonic micromassage combined with photon light therapy. This type of massage deeply penetrates the layers of the skin: it perfectly cleanses, firms, frees from discolorations and gives a radiant glow.

Red light

It is used to remove wrinkles. The wavelength is 625 nm +/- 3 nm and can be used for all skin types.

Bio-effects: stimulating cells to produce collagen and elastin faster, increasing cell viability, accelerating blood circulation. It has a firming effect, quickly smoothing the skin.It perfectly reduces discoloration and evens skin tone. Also, it helps to remove puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

Blue light

Blue light with a wavelength of 465 nm +/- 3 nm is intended for acne and sensitive skin.

Bio-effects: has a positive effect on acne-prone skin, reduces inflammation, regulates the work of sebaceous glands and the amount of secreted sebum. It causes better skin tension, thanks to which enlarged pores become less visible.

Light therapy perfectly eliminates specific skin problems, such as acne, mimic wrinkles or a decrease in intracellular hydration.


ION+ positive ion therapy

It consists in cleansing the skin of dead horny layers and all impurities. This improves the permeability to active ingredients. Discolorations become less visible over time, and the complexion is clearly brightened. This effect will be even better if you combine the therapy with e.g. micellar water.

ION- negative ion therapy

It consists in using the action of current of appropriate intensity in order to overcome the barrier that prevents deep absorption of active ingredients from cosmetic products. After a series of treatments, the skin is visibly tense, smoothed, moisturized and brightened – it gains a radiant glow. The effect will be even better if you use an appropriate cosmetic for the ION therapy, e.g. a serum or an ampoule adapted to the needs of your skin.

Vibration massage

A pleasant massage has a relaxing effect and reduces muscle tension. Stimulation of muscle work significantly improves the oval of the face.


Cleanse Mode

Start the treatment with cleansing and use a facial cleanser. Thorough cleansing of the pores will consist in deep removal of impurities, and dirt will get to the surface of the skin. Use a cotton pad for the treatment, you can choose from 3 intensity levels, heat and vibration.

Rejuvenate mode

The mode uses red/blue light and heat and vibration massage. It has a strong firming effect, stimulating the skin to intensive production of collagen and elastin. Effectively eliminates wrinkles and furrows, moisturizes, leaving the effect of rejuvenated skin.

V-face lift mode

The mode stimulates and relaxes the skin and helps to deeply moisturize it. Red light combined with vibrations and heat effectively supports face remodeling, thanks to which it allows it to regain a beautiful, youthful oval.

Eye care mode

The mode uses vibration, heat and optional red light. After performing facial skin treatments, we move to the eye area and perform precise care of the delicate skin around the eyes. The skin of the eye zone requires special care and appropriate treatments will help you eliminate mimic wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

Examples of the effects you can expect after a series of treatments


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Nominal voltage


Rated power


Battery capacity


Charging time

3 hours

Massage head diameter

35 mm

Ultrasound frequency

3 MHz



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  1. R******
    The device is working properly. I definitely recommend it, great device :)
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The device is working properly. I definitely recommend it, great device :)
Needle-free mesotherapy B-Glossy Blush photo review

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