B-Body anti-cellulite handheld body massager

44,00 $

  • ultrasonic cleansing
  • 1 MHz radio waves
  • EMS
  • diamond roller facets
  • strongly lifting massage
  • “botox” effect
  • professional anti-aging care

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Anti-cellulite massager

Circulation stimulating massage

A massage that stimulates circulation, exports toxins and other harmful substances of metabolism to remove unwanted cellulite and firm the skin.

  • Medical silicone
  • Photon lights
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Light and handy
  • Firms the skin
  • Improves the absorption of slimming cosmetics

Red light reaches fibroblasts, which are responsible for the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. It strengthens the activity of cells, speeds up metabolism, stimulates the skin to produce collagen proteins and delays the dieback of existing collagen. It also has a detoxifying and draining effect and increases the flow of the lymphatic system.

Blue light inhibits the development of inflammation. It speeds up the healing of wounds, contusions and bruises. It is used against actinic keratosis.

Green light acts at the level of the epidermis. Recommended for the reduction of discoloration and sun spots. Penetrates the basic layers of the epidermis, stimulates nutrients, helps to regenerate mature skin.

B-Body – anti-cellulite manual body massager

The B-Body hand massager is a product for every woman. The device perfectly combines pleasure with effective daily care. It relaxes and stimulates, and also it reduces cellulite, exports toxins and firms the body. It is extremely simple and intuitive to use, and thanks to technologically advanced functions, it allows you to achieve results in a very short time. With B-Body you will take care of the waist, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, shoulders, hips and calves.

Cellulite is the nightmare of most women. Do you train, lead a healthy lifestyle, and the orange peel is still showing? You should definitely take care of these areas directly. The B-Body massager hits the problem. A massage overlay made of medical silicone in combination with a slimming oil or cream stimulates blood circulation. Thanks to this massage, it removes toxins and other harmful substances of metabolism, thus reducing unwanted cellulite! The cream or oil itself will not penetrate the skin as deeply as with the help of vibrations and photon lights, so the effect with the B-Body massager is much better.

It can be said that firm, beautiful skin is a “side effect” of the B-Body hand massager. But who among us does not dream of such an effect? The technique of regulated vibrations and photon light tightens, tones the skin and gives it a beautiful, healthy colour.

The use of photon lights in the device, in addition to the effects on the body, also allows you to improve our metabolism and general well-being! Daily, regular massage primarily speeds up our metabolism, stimulates the body to work better. What’s more, it has a detoxifying and draining effect, thanks to which we increase the blood flow. It all improves the overall functioning of the body. You will feel relaxed and with the strength to continue the amazing day!

Thanks to the use of the latest technologies the B-Body massager, allows not only to achieve amazing visual effects on the body but also has health-promoting properties. Photon blue light inhibits the development of inflammation, speeds the healing of wounds and bruises up. On the other hand, green light works at the level of the epidermis. It regenerates mature skin, helps to reduce discoloration and sun spots.

First of all, the massager has the function of quick charging via USB. Thanks to this, you are able to charge it almost anywhere. The device turns off automatically after 15 minutes  of work, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off. Additionally, the B-Body has a built-in memory function and stays in the last used mode. The B-Body anti-cellulite body massager is light, handy and has a comfortable handle. It is a very compact device but most of all it is effective. If you are looking for a product at a reasonable price that will make your skin firm, elastic and cellulite-free, choose the B-Body massager!

Medical silicone

The massage overlay is made of a skin-friendly, soft and safe medical silicone.

Simplicity and efficiency

The technique of regulated vibrations in combination with photon light tightens the skin and allows it to maintain a healthy colour. The product is ideal for use with a slimming cream or oils.



Nominal voltage


Working current

SONIC 100mA-400mA RF 200 mA-2800mA EMS 8mA-20mA

Ultrasound frequency


Radio waves




Time modes

3min, 5min, 6min

Battery capacity

1000 mAh

12 reviews for B-Body anti-cellulite handheld body massager

  1. Meghan
    Fair price, great product and service! 100% recommended . Fast reply!
    There are 3 photon lights and I'm using all of them!
    I bought it for a young mother. It definitely helped after pregnancy
    I had a payment problem because I failed to pay the first time. On the second try it went without problems
    Fast shipping, easy payment
    I got this as a Christmas present from my family, but I started using B-Body 2 days ago. It's definitely giving me a loose feeling
    I really like the pink colour of B Body - it looks really good on my shelf
    I'm using this after work and it's helping me relax
    I didn't know how to use photon lights, but after writing to customer service I learnt it
    I'm dealing with cellulite for a long time. I bought this massager from my friend recommendation and it helped in reducing cellulite
    Lightweight, easy to use :)
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Fair price, great product and service! 100% recommended . Fast reply!
There are 3 photon lights and I'm using all of them!
I bought it for a young mother. It definitely helped after pregnancy

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