Diamond microdermabrasion B-Derma Basic

44,00 $

  • 4 suction power modes
  • Diamond microparticles
  • 6 interchangeable heads (3 diamond heads and 3 interchangeable tips: large round, small round, oval)
  • For all skin types
  • Battery powered

The set includes: 6 heads, USB cable, cover, replaceable filters, user manual


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Diamond microdermabrasion

4 suction power modes

Controlled underpressure

Diamond microparticles

6 interchangeable heads


Replaceable filters

Battery powered


Clean and dry your face. Then you can do a steam bath for a few minutes or place a warm towel on your face. This will relax the skin and open the pores. Then place the microcrystalline tip over the large round device process.


Turn on the device and put the tip to the face. Start with the chin by moving the device from the bottom up.


Place the device on your nose and move from the inside to the outside, thoroughly cleaning each lobe of the nose.


Put the device on your forehead, move outside from the center.


In the last step, adjust the suction intensity and bring the tip to the cheeks. Move the device from the inside to the outside. Bottom up.


After the treatment is finished, wash your face with a soothing lotion and use a moisturizing product with SPF.

Filters should be pulled out with a thin skewer or a needle. After removing the old one, put the new one in with the same tool and place it in the suction opening. The filter is changed intuitively, depending on the degree of its wear (on average every few treatments). The suction heads should be disinfected. Particular attention should be paid to cleaning of the head with diamond microparticles (with a brush). After cleaning precisely from dirt, it should also be disinfected.

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